Carbon Neutral Shipping

In our last sustainability update, we set a goal of providing carbon-neutral shipping by 2022. We're happy to announce it's here! We've partnered with Shopify Planet to neutralise our shipping emissions and remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

"Our planet is in crisis. Humans are emitting too much pollution and we’re not yet doing enough to slow it down. Even if we stopped all emissions tomorrow, there’s still too much carbon in our atmosphere—so we need to remove some of it. We need to invest in carbon removal. Not just emission reductions and not just offsets. We need to pull carbon directly out of the atmosphere and store it away permanently."
Stacy Kauk - Director of Shopify’s Sustainability Fund

So what's the difference between carbon offsets and carbon removal?

A carbon offset is a decrease in CO2 emissions intended to make up for emissions occurring elsewhere. An example of this would be land restoration or renewable energy projects. The issue is that these offsets often don’t reduce carbon in the air.

That’s not to say climate protection, restoration and renewable energy projects aren't essential. They absolutely are, and we will continue to fund these types of initiatives through our 1% for the Planet contributions.

Carbon offsets explained

The reality is that carbon offsets may work to slow emissions, but there is currently still too much carbon in the air.

Carbon removal is the process of capturing CO2 from the atmosphere and storing it away in plants, soils, oceans, rocks, or long-life products like cement. The main benefit of permanent removal is that it ensures CO2 is not released back into the atmosphere before climate change is reversed. Shopify Planet supports key solutions that remove carbon for a minimum of 10 years to 1000+ years.

You're not just supporting small business when you shop with us. Your delivery will be carbon neutral and you'll be helping to fund climate action. That's something to feel good about! Please consider subscribing to our newsletter for updates if you haven't already. We'll have more exciting news to share with you soon!

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